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Our BuilderVision tool connects multiple Chameleon technologies into one ideal solution for the home-building industry. The tool is a scalable combination of checklists/selections, photographic and 3D visualization, a swatching tool and a pricing module. The suite is integrated into the builder’s website and accessible during the pre and post-sales process.


This tool allows users to view color-accurate products on their own homes and provides them with reliable measurement data. Simply take four photos of your home and upload them to the online tool, and Chameleon does the hard work for you. You will receive access to the visualizer where you can decorate your home with different products and when you're done, you will know what looks good and exactly how much product to order.

Ace Paints

This paint color selection tool made for Ace Paints allows you to see your selections in a life-like digital format. Either upload your own image or choose from one of the pre-made stock options and begin decorating the room with hundreds of organized paint swatch options. The tool also integrates Chameleon's signature Color Harmony technology, providing you with complementary options to the colors you have selected.


Beaulieu nominated Chameleon to develop their floor covering visualizer. Businesses and homeowners can search Milliken’s extensive style and color catalog, create unique designs, and view them in a room or on a floor plan, giving them an ultra-realistic preview of their flooring choices.


Parterre chose Chameleon to enhance its sales and marketing activities for commercial living spaces with Chameleon Power's visualization technologies. This tool not only allows you to select and view different product options in the prepared room scenes, but also order samples of those products at the end.

KB Studios

This kitchen remodeling visualizer allows you to either choose from a kitchen layout or upload your own photo to view photo-realistic product options in them. Once in the visualizer, you can start designing with a pre-made designer selected package and customize to your liking.