Product Simulation | Using Visualization to Create Products Digitally

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Using Visualization to Create Products Digitally

Digital Product Simulation Technologies

Chameleon’s product simulation technologies allow product design and simulation with no bounds. The ability to take infinite color, texture, pattern, and other attributes and create a unique product digitally takes the visualization landscape to another level. From fabrics and textiles to shingles, brick, stone, windows and blinds, our suite of simulation solutions reduce the cost of pre-production and expands the capabilities of the product design teams.

Design Without Limits:

  • Creation of products to your exact specifications with unlimited variables…all digitally
  • Granular alterations to create the perfect outcome
  • Integrated into visualization applications for viewing in your project photo realistically

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Product Simulation
Product Simulation
Product Simulation

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Viewing products in 3D provides a level of perspective and detail that normal 2D photographs cannot reach.


Chameleon is dedicated to creating product simulation modeling services that are flexible, easy to use, customizable, and will meet all of your simulation needs.


Nowadays more and more companies are under pressure to launch their products quickly. Our product simulation tools allow users to ensure that their products are always completely up to spec.


Our 3D simulations allow you to utilize digital prototypes at a lower cost. Giving you the freedom to explore design variations and innovative ideas.
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