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Specify and sell products more effectively with higher quality leads through photographic visualization.

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    How it Works
    Chameleon Power's dynamic visualization engives provide a way
    for customers to view their product choices onlne and in
    real-time, moving the buyer down the path toward purchase.
    Users may select from stock room scenes or upload photos of
    their own rooms for instant viewing and selection of products.

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    How it Works
    Chameleon tools are deployed as website solutions, in-store
    kiosks and mobile apps, virtual realty (VR), and augmented
    reality (AR) solutions as well as product design and simulation

Constantly Evolving

Chameleon Power complements its visualization tools with a full suite of compatible software tools and services.

Numbers Never Lie

  • Web Visualization
    Users who save their selections are 75% more likely to buy those products.
  • 3D
    The visualizer tool is the most trafficked area of your website and will increase user time on the site by more than 3X.
  • Blend and Pattern Tools
    100% of users who upload their own photo buy from that supplier!

But Wait, There's More!

Chameleon Power’s configuration and visualization technology is used in a wide variety of different industries.
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