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Specify and sell products more effectively with higher quality leads through photographic visualization.
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  • Website
    Integrated in client site
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    For retail, sales centers
  • VR/AR
    For real-time room navigation while changing image
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Numbers Never Lie

  • Web Visualization
    Users who save their selections are 75% more likely to buy those products.
  • 3D
    The visualizer tool is the most trafficked area of your website and will increase user time on the site by more than 3X.
  • Blend and Pattern Tools
    100% of users who upload their own photo buy from that supplier!

For Web & Mobile

Aside from our mobile apps, Chameleon Power’s web visualizers are built responsively so you can design anytime, anywhere.

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Chameleon Power’s configuration and visualization technology is used in a wide variety of different industries.
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Web Visualizer Videos

MultiView Designer

Chameleon Power's MultiView Kitchen Design Tool, lets you visualize a modeled kitchen from multiple angles. Our design technologies are game-changers for homebuilders, and save a fortune in designer costs.


Envision your outdoor BBQ project with BarbequeVision. Our 3D design tool will help you plan, combine style, and functionality for a BBQ Island customized to fit your space.

Daltile | Mosaic Tile Tool

Build your vision with Daltile’s new tile design tool by Chameleon Power. Create a custom look by building your design how you want it. Chip Wade shows you Easy DO IT FROM HOME DIY Projects with the Dailtile Mosaic Tile Tool.


Get instant remodeling decisions with Chameleon Power’s Auto-Masking technology. Snap a photo and, in seconds, select your interior or exterior materials with no image-masking required. Clients can instantly select brands and colors, and compare choices with our comparison slider.


With DeckVision you can design your deck from scratch by dragging or applying shapes, and stretching them to actual size. No longer do you have to wonder what your deck will look like or how many supplies to buy, finish with a complete Bill of Materials.

KitchenRepro 3D Kitchen Designer

This kitchen design tool combines 2D and 3D, allowing you to upload your own 2D photo and place 3D cabinets, flooring, and appliances to the image and design your ideal space.

Real-Time Virtual Reality Flooring Visualization

Chameleon Power has teamed up with Congoleum, a leading flooring manufacturer, to develop a photo-realistic virtual reality platform that allows their customers to view flooring options in real time.

Hospitality Designer

Chameleon Power's latest suite of tools for designers simplifies the task of managing design projects and helps enhance the customer decision-making process.

Flooring Design and Visualization

Laminate, vinyl, hardwood and other flooring surfaces can be designed and experienced with photorealistic accuracy with a Chameleon Power interactive project visualizer. Design your flooring and see what your remodeling project will look like when completed before you even start the work. Test products, colors, materials and design options on the fly on any device, in any platform.

Carpet Visualization Demo

This general run-through is meant to give you an idea of how our web visualizers work, walking you through the user experience when designing a photo with custom flooring.

Landscape Designer

Chameleon Power's 3D software allows the user to design their ideal space and provides a fun and memorable experience. In this tool, customers place a home in the virtual world and design the landscape around it, placing objects individually where they see fit.

Visualize your Roofing Project in Photorealistic Detail

Chameleon Power visualization technology lets you select products and colors for your roofing project. When you’re done choosing, view the results in photo-accurate detail. Test options for your project in a digital environment to be confident in the outcome – before you buy!

Virtual Reality Roofing Product Selection and Project Visualization

Select products for roof repair, re-roofing or a newly constructed roof and see the results from nearly any angle and any perspective in a Chameleon Power Virtual Reality design environment.

FS Builder Tool

Chameleon Power's online and mobile photographic visualizers simplify and expedite selections by letting the customers view actual products in real-world settings.

New 3D Landscape Application

Chameleon Power's new technology combines AR with 3D visualization. Our software gives builders everything they need to market and sell more effectively and assists homebuyers through the entire design and selection process. Click on the image to learn more.

Photo-realistic Design and Visualization for a Bathroom Remodel

Chameleon Power visualization technology lets you select products and colors for any surface or component in your bathroom model, then view your results in a photo-realistic digital environment. Try your remodel digitally before you buy!

3D Design and Visualization for Flooring and Surfaces Building/Remodeling Projects

Laminate, vinyl, hardwood, tile, stone, granite, solid surface – any material you can imagine, on any surface, from the floor to backsplash to countertops and more - can be designed and experienced with photorealistic accuracy with a Chameleon Power 3D project visualizer. See what your remodeling project will look like when completed before you even start the work.

Furniture Configuration & Visualization

Use Chameleon Power's configuration and visualization software to help your products look good in all platforms.

3D Reprojection: 3D Home Remodel Project Design and Visualization

3D Reprojection technology allows contractors to photograph the area to be remodeled, upload the photo to the Chameleon Power application, and then work with the home owner to select products and materials and explore different design options. The home owner will be able to accurately visualize their completed project before the contractor even picks up a tool.

Digital Home Options and Upgrades Selection Guide

Part of Chameleon Power’s Builder’s Toolbox, the digital selection guide helps the home buyer to select and organize home options and upgrades. The guide is accessible to both the builder and buyer in real time.

Kitchen Design Visualizer

Photorealistic kitchen design online. Select and view materials in standard room scenes, save and share your work. Visualize what your project will look like when it’s finished – before you even start.

Lead Generation Tool for Builders

Part of Chameleon Power’s Builder’s Toolbox, our lead generation visualizer allows the builder to set up communities with home models and basic options. Potential buyers can view the community online, select a model they are interested in, and decorate it. The potential buyer can save and share the design. The builder receives details as a sales lead.

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Chameleon Power Floor Designer Tool

Chameleon Power's Interface Floor Designer tool allows you to build your own carpet patterns or select from templates to design a one-of-a-kind product.

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