Builders Suite

Builders’ Suite

Software tools for builders that drives home buyer decisions.

The Best Tools For You. The Best Experience For Home Buyers.

Chameleon Power’s builders’ software helps builders market and sell new home construction more effectively, and assists new home buyers through the entire home design and selection process. Applications run where your buyers are, from web to mobile, in Virtual Reality (VR) design centers or Augmented Reality (AR) at the property or home.


Session Time Increase


Builder Community Installations


Conversion Rate Increase


Generate Leads

New home design visualizers on your community site creates leads for your sales office.

Operate on Any Platform

Builders’ suite tools are available where your customers need you to be – web or mobile, AR or VR.

Capture Information

Info on customers and selections, including models, products and colors, is available in analytics.

Build Fewer Models

Build models in VR for a fraction of the cost of a physical model. Customers can view each model, not just a few.

Increase Engagement

Interactive design tools quickly get customers engaged with your products and the community.

Shorten Sales Cycles

The ability to see product selection results gets customers comfortable with their choices and ready to buy.

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Digital Selection Guide

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