Color Benchmarking

Color Benchmarking

Analyze, manage, and create accurate color palettes.

Create Perfect Palettes

Our color analysis engine, Chromalyzer, provides a framework for determining strengths and weaknesses within your palette/color plan. Our color experts collaborate with our clients to create the ideal outcome, and simplify managing and updating color preferences. Chameleon Power is unmatched in its color knowledge and technology.

Chromalyzer allows you to generate new palettes using existing color layouts or Gamuts. Save hours of time and minimize production costs by limiting the number of new colors you need to make before you hit the perfect shades.


Arrange colors in rows, columns, and stripes. Adjust relative card sizes, rearrange color placement manually or with numerous automated controls. Adjust color based on colorimetric data and interpolate to create brand new colors.


Display your ideas to your clients or associates who might otherwise struggle to understand the complexities and subtleties of color in a remarkably clear, precise, animated and professional visual presentation.

Chromalyzer Filters and Functions


Select only those colors from one or more collections that fall within specific color groups based on Hue, Chroma and Lightness values.

Close Match or Unique Colors

Find colors from one or more collection that are within a set color tolerance (look alike) or find colors that are unique (have no close match in other collections).

Palette Generation

Generate new palettes using existing color layouts or Gamuts. You can set the parameters of the color space you need to work within, set the number of colors you need in your new palette or generate subsets of existing palettes with ease.

Chromalyzer Video Training Series

Chameleon Power’s VP of Color Solutions and Outside Sales, Phil Kenyon, demonstrates the power of the industry-leading color management tool, Chromalyzer.

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