Color Harmony Engine

Color Harmony Engine

The blending of art and science to create perfect color combinations.

Superior Color Combinations

One of the greatest challenges faced by manufacturers and retailers alike is how to help consumers select color with confidence. Choosing great color combinations is both an art and a natural science requiring a perfect balance of harmony and proportion.

Chameleon Power is internationally renowned for  their expertise in Color Marketing with many unique capabilities. Through extensive study and research from our experienced team of color experts, we have learned how the beautiful proportions and methods in nature’s most wonderful designs applies to the world of color to help create more perfect harmonies in your color collections.

The application of this knowledge ensures that color selections and suggestions can be made with a universal appeal, based on the understanding of human physiological response and our connection to nature. When making color decisions where significant financial investments are being made, it is wise to employ every available means to ensure you’re making the best possible choice.

Understanding Color Space
Color exists in a 3 Dimensional space whose proportions can be defined scientifically.
The Nature Of Color
Nature teaches there is a natural order and proportionality in the combinations of color within this space used to create images that are universally beautiful and in complete harmony.
Unlocking The Code
Truly gifted color stylists intuitively mimic the natural order of color harmony, this is a rare gift.  The chameleon Color harmony engine unlocks the code behind this natural order.  It shows you how to select colors that follow rather than defy natures rules of Color Harmony.

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