Lifestyle Image Generator

Lifestyle Image Generator™

Your products rendered accurately in lifestyle scenes – automatically.

High Resolution Room Scenes

Chameleon Power technology provides cost-effective alternatives to costly photo shoots. We create high-resolution outcomes for your products without the hassle of staging the photography event, installing the product, etc. And since our services are technology based, alterations and re-use are instantaneous. Our color and graphics experts can create the ultimate image library at a fraction of the cost.

How It Works

Chameleon Power’s Lifestyle Image Generator™ automates the creation of high resolution images showing your product in all its possible configurations and colors in lifestyle scenes of your choice.

Step 1:

Product Swatches

First things first, we will need photos of the products you would like to see in your completed project. These should be high-resolution images shot straight-on with even lighting and a repeatable pattern.

Step 2:

Product Data

We will need some basic information about the products you request, including the name of the product and what size it is. This is so that we can ensure each image has the proper product in it and the product is to scale within the scene.

Step 3:


You will need to provide scenes of a residential or commercial interior or exterior. The scenes you provide determine where the product will be applied. Chameleon Power also offers a selection of residential and commercial images to choose from via ImageLab.

Step 4:


Lifestyle Image Generator™ will configure your product choices and render them into the scenes you chose.

Step 5:

You Get Results!

After the Lifestyle Image Generator™ completes configuration, you will be left with the finished images displaying each of your product choices in each of the scenes you provided.

Need Images?

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